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Debugger HELP (General Dot Net)

Original post by MaxSpd at

The Question :

I have a project i am working on usint software and got into a jom...

here is the issue:

I created a project and wrote some code and slapped on the stuff into the windows application form1

I saved it all and exited...

Came back a few days later opened the project...put some more code and alligned the windows application form1.

Saved All

Run the debugger and it will only show the form1 from when i originally saved it and not when its all cleaned up and all the buttons and text boxes are alligned all pretty and only the code entered at that time is working at the time of the debgger...

When i stop and go back the new code is still there and the updated form1 is nice and the debugger again...same deal...only shows and runs the form1 code from the first save...

I save again and exit

go back and start the new code is there, form1 is nice and neat...

run the debugger...still only runs original code and not new code...still shows the unaligned form1 i slapped labels, buttons and textboxes into originally...

How can i make the debugger run the new code and pull up the updated version of the form1 with aligned labels, buttons and textboxes that show in design view???

The accepted answer : (By Dave 299)

Under Tools Options click on Show all Settings at the bottom, then expand the Projects and Solutions branch and select Build and Run. Ensure that under "On run when build or deployment errors occur" you have not got Launch Old Version selected.


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